– October 8th, 2020 –

Lead generation with pop-ups and slide-ins. Based on 10+ billion sessions.

Mogens Møller, CEO and co-founder of Sleeknote shares his thoughts why pop-ups don't have to annoy us and can be a very loveable tool.



Our Speakers



Mogens Møller

CEO and Co-Founder, Sleeknote

Mogens is an experienced public speaker with high energy and solid content that result in top-ratings. He has more than 15+ years of experience with conversion optimization and is now sharing his knowledge with other passionate marketers.


Sebastian Schäfer

CEO, made2GROW

Sebastian almost became a teacher and some say that there is still a teacher in him. Anyway. His passion for online marketing rose in the times when SEO was ruled by keyword stuffing. Luckily, these times are over so that there is plenty to talk about in several courses, meetings and conferences.


How can this help you ?

Pop-ups the wrong way

"Popups are ugly, intrusive and useless" If you hear someone say this, it only means one thing: they're using popups the wrong way. On the other hand, when used right, popups can help you reach different conversion goals.

popups the wrong way

Insights from analyzing 10+ billion sessions

Here’s a little summary of some of the subjects we cover in this webinar:

  • How to use popups the right way using slide-ins, to help you grow your business.
  • How to optimize these popups for maximum conversion.
  • Get our insights from analyzing 10+ billion sessions.
Insights from analyzing 10+ billion sessions

A short intro to Sleeknote

Say goodbye to annoying popups. When Sleeknote was founded, there were several lead generation tools on the market. But few, if any, gave savvy e-commerce marketers the flexibility to engage their site visitors on their terms. We like to think we changed that.

Sleeknote has everything you need to grow your email list, promote popular products, turn visitors into buyers, and reduce cart abandonment.

With our advanced targeting options, you’ll always show the right popups, to the right visitors, at the right time.


The Webinar Timeline

Thursday, October 8th, 2020

with Sebastian
Let's share the most annoying pop-ups and have a laugh :)
A better way to use pop-ups
with Mogens
Mogens tries to convince us that there is a better way to use pop-ups ;)
Q&A Session
with Mogens and Sebastian
Time for questions and answers.

Don't miss it.