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Social Advertising

More B2B Leads with LinkedIn Ads

It isn't only  your HR team that benefits from the precise targeting options. LinkedIn makes it possible to connect with the contact profiles that fit your B2B strategies. We help you with this–from the initial concept, to reporting and ongoing optimization.

Social Media Marketing

Advertising in the Business World

B2B & Social Media: It Works!

Social media marketing has become an integral part of most digital marketing strategies, even in B2B. These platforms offer various ways of advertising to your target groups, turning them into leads and, eventually, loyal clients. Retargeting is a particular strength of social media advertising. Thanks to the variety of different formatting options, products which require explanation or communication can be marketed more effectively.

Lead Generation

The Largest Business Network Worldwide

Why LinkedIn Ads?


Industries, companies, job titles, fields of activity... The targeting options are ideal for a precise B2B approach


Ad formats for every goal: increase website traffic, generate leads, organize events, raise brand awareness and much more.


Flexible price options and suitable for every budget


Trade audiences are more receptive to B2B ads in the business environment

Benefit from the Microsoft network

Build – Measure – Learn

How we handle your LinkedIn campaign

We work with continuous optimization of your LinkedIn campaigns instead of cyclical ad hoc solutions. Our made2GROW flywheel shows how we work: Build → Measure → Learn. This also results in a constant transfer of knowledge so that your team can continue to work sustainably, long-term, and without dependence on an agency.

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Our Services

Sustainable Customer Acquisition with LinkedIn Ads

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LinkedIn Audit

Campaign setup, targeting, conversion tracking, etc. Here we take a look at the status quo of your LinkedIn Ads account and beyond.

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Develop a Strategy

What goals can you pursue with LinkedIn Ads and what does your roadmap look like? Let's find out together!

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Target Group Analysis

Here we analyze how your target group is represented on LinkedIn and which ad formats and filters need to be selected to reach them.

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Ads Creation & Optimization

We are happy to help you create meaningful, eye-catching ads. We always test our best designs against each other and optimize the rollout based on the results.

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A short visit to your website is usually not enough to generate a willingness to buy. We improve your nurturing with remarketing and don't let your leads off the hook.

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Regular Reportings

The foundation of a good working relationship is transparency. This why we provide you with regular reports that present our results and highlight potential insights.

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Ready to grow with LinkedIn?

Get in touch with us for an initial consultation with no strings attached and we'll work together to see how you can use LinkedIn to generate new leads in the long term. In person in Cologne or online!