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Google & Bing Ads

SEA – Increase your leads through Search Engine Advertising

We are certified Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) experts in Germany and support you from set-up to full optimization of your SEA campaigns.

Google Ads

Gain New Clients & Leads

Targeted advertising via Google, Bing and Co.

Sustainable search advertising is essential for targeting new contacts and driving relevant traffic to your website. We help you achieve your goals, gain new contacts, and keep costs as low as possible. Find out all the advantages of Google Ads and Bing Ads, and why it's worth taking a look at the Microsoft network, especially in B2B.

We are your SEA agency for efficient growth.

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Idea, Campaign, & Optimization

We are your SEA Agency


Individual Strategy Development


Certified Google Ads Agency


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Agile Advertisement Production

Our Project Setup

The made2GROW SEA Complete Package



SEA Audit

A SEA audit is typically the launch of a collaborative project. We take a look at the status quo of past and current campaigns. We analyze your funnel and the toolset (e.g. Google Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager). Based on this analysis, and in close consultation with you and your team, we then develop a strategy for the next steps. This allows us to discover untapped growth and efficiency potential in Search Engine Advertising.

Logo Design


Create the Campaign

Now it's time to get down to business. We begin with keyword research for your target group and create a campaign with everything that goes with it: ad groups, ad texts, ad extensions, etc. For display campaigns, we create corresponding HTML5 banner sets.

Website Design


Landing Page Design

Landing pages play a key role in SEA in order to obtain leads. If there is no landing page developed for lead conversions yet, we would be happy to create one for your! Of course, we pay attention to all the important details.

Bar Graphs


Reporting & Optimization

How are your campaigns performing? We will put together a customized report for you. The reporting forms the basis for our optimization strategy.

Build – Measure – Learn

Continuous SEA Optimization

We work to continuously optimize your SEA campaigns instead of implementing cyclical ad hoc solutions. Our made2GROW flywheel shows how we work: Build → Measure → Learn. This also results in a constant transfer of know-how so that your team can continue to work sustainably, long-term and without being dependent on an agency.

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Our Services

Here are our Areas of Focus for SEA

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Performance Analysis

In our SEA audit, we analyze your SEA setup and take a look at your campaigns. Which tools do you use to analyze and optimize? But don't worry–even if you don't have a set-up yet, we're happy to work with you to see what makes sense.

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Strategy Development

Every good campaign begins with a strategy. Which target group am I pursuing and how can I address them effectively? What type of campaign makes the most sense for my business? Which bidding strategy do I use and how do I ensure that the campaign is a success?

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Keyword Research

No search campaign works without good keyword research. It is the foundation, so to speak. We find the best keywords for you and utilize them optimally. This makes wastefulness a thing of the past.

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Ads Creation & Optimization

We put together HTML5 banner sets for your display campaigns and create suitable texts for your search ads. We consistently optimize these ads to ensure that the best combination for your target group is displayed.

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Would you like to retarget users who have already visited your website? Or would you like to offer a discount to customers who are still undecided? Or perhaps get users to download your Whitepaper after all? We will work with you to come up with a remarketing strategy and create the necessary setup.

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Regular Reportings

A campaign is only successful if it is analyzed regularly. We set up a reporting system that allows you to evaluate your campaigns. This way of doing things also encourages greater transparency so that we can collaborate more effectively.

Case Study Sommel Haus

An Example of our SEA Practices


Stommel Haus builds and develops timber houses. The focus is on individual and sustainable homes. For many customers, a Stommel house is a unique and significant investment.

Industry: Construction
Location: Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, NRW, Deutschland
Market: Complex B2C


  • Attain more leads via Google Ads
  • Become more visible via SEO for relevant keywords
  • More transparent marketing and sales processes
  • Expand and maintain social media channels
Sebastian Schäfer made2GROW

Ready for your next SEA Project?

Get in touch with us for an initial consultation with no strings attached and we'll work together to see how you can use SEA to generate new leads in the long-term. In-person in Cologne or online!